Sunday, 24 January 2010

February Pork & Beans

I have finally (weekend off!) got round to sorting out the next Pork & Beans club night after a long absence, so roll on February!

Fliers sorted, now just need to ensnare some guest DJ's...

Monday, 18 January 2010

This Friday...

I shall be spinning a few tunes at Zoo Zoo in Camden at The Blues Kitchen with (the infamous) Niamh Lynch!

Expect to hear R&B, 60's soul and maybe some jazzy/latin stuff...

Bands should be interesting as well, so roll on Friday!

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Last Night...

I went to see Eli "Paperboy" Reed at the 100 Club and it sure was good. The band were really tight and looked sharp as did the man himself. Great to see a modern artist with such an authentic sound and a seriously good voice - basically if you haven't already seen him, do!

Never been to the 100 Club before either (when I really should have), nice to be standing right in front of the artist you are watching...

My only gripe is that his set was so short and he played "The Satisfier" as his second tune - which in my opinion his best (so not that bad then!):

Looking forward to seeing Imelda May there in a few weeks alot now!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What Am I Listening To?

The answer is Smart Phil's latest and very tasty compilation "Jazzers Only". So many good tunes on there - will just pick out my favourites...

Track 3 is Chico Hamilton's "For Mods Only" may have a cheesy title but is a nice jerking Hammond heavy dancer, more moody is Track 7, Sonny Cox's "Chocolate Candy" - beautiful tune with a slightly later sound. Next up is "Pigmy" by The Delegates another great creeping track. Some nutty xylophone madness (how often are you allowed to write that?) with Lionel Hampton on Track 11 with "Hamp Stamps". Nice as well is "One Naughty Flat" by Mac Rebennack & The Soul Orchestra and Billy Preston's "Greazee" - more on R&Bish side of things. Slightly more unusual is "Liberation" by The Afro-Blues Quintet, which may sound a tiny bit like elavator music at some points, but I think its a great dancer! Last but not least is a really nice instrumental version of "Comin' Home Baby" by Kai Winding.

I also missed out lots of great tunes so try and get your hands on a copy if you can - thanks Phil!

Staying in a similar jazzy vein how good is tune (Freddie Hubbard - Return Of the Prodigal Son):

Missed a copy on eBay a few weeks back - gutted!

Picked up this classic tune as well a few months back on UK Riverside:

Also if you haven't heard of him yet and you like your hammondy/latiny jazzy stuffs check out (the Finnish) Timo Lassey:

The tune "The More I Look At You" with Jose James (also worth looking up) is ace and was pressed up onto 7" - nice!

Friday, 8 January 2010

This weekends antics

Will be down at Shake! this Saturday at the Boogaloo in Highgate for I think the 6th consecutive month to catch up with friends and to hear the usual tasty mix of sounds. Always good to go to a night where the crowd (mostly) have no idea what they are listening too - but love it and are willing to dance all night!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Check it out

Erm, how do I go about doing this... I greatly enjoy trawling through other people's clothes/music blogs all over the internet, so figured I would try my hand at it. It will either be really knobby or perhaps mildly interesting, only time will tell.

Anyway to kick things off thought I would post up a few pictures of a few shirts I just had made up, just because I love check shirts (beware they need ironing!)