Monday, 20 December 2010

Letting myself fall behind again - no excuse really, too cold and snow covered outside!

Friday night Pork & Beans was swinging... lots of stuff played, nice to hear more Rhythm & Soul and late 60's stuff being played as opposed to the usual trudging R&B.... Its something to warm the winter spirit!

Will get up a few pictures if any turn up, but in the mean time here are a few spins from our Guest DJ Adam Torel:

The Celebrities - I Choose You
Bob & Fred - I'll Be On My Way
The Sensations - Demanding Man
The Herbs - There Must Be An Answer
Bobby Patterson - If You Took A Survey

We should be back in January so watch this space... Should probably post up some Winter clobber at some point...

Picked up this recently (Thanks to my friend Tommaso) and it f feels a bit like a winter tune, but its just amazing midtempo!


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